Featured Service - Moving Coordinator

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Moving is hard

Invest in making it easier

A Virtual Assistant can do so much more than organize your inbox and grow your Instagram following. Those are integral parts of your business, but what about your personal business?

Moving, like other major life events, can take on a life of their own and demand as much attention as a full time job. So, during this temporary, but life changing transition, wouldn't it be nice to have someone to handle the details and make your move go smoothly while you keep your home, family and business your main priorities?

I have handled several moves for myself and for clients, both across town and across country as well as across the world. The key to a successful move is good planning and great organization. What comes next is execution of the plan and remaining calm while trusting that it will all get done. Hire someone who can get it all done for you. 

Moving is a big job, let someone else handle it for you!

You can throw all your stuff in random boxes and move your mess, or you can use this time to purge and sort and turn your move into an opportunity to get more organized. A Moving Coordinator can help with that. 

You can throw all your stuff in random boxes and move your mess, or you can use this time to purge and sort and turn your move into an opportunity to get more organized. A Moving Coordinator can help with that. 

Here are just a few of the services that a Moving Coordinator can help with...

Pre-Planning - Let's make a solid plan for your move. From purging old stuff to setting up your new space, let's spend some time making an organized plan to follow so your move can go smoothly. 

Professional Organizer - An experienced and savvy Professional Organizer can help you get your home office running smoothly, your pantry stocked efficiently or your closet looking like a fashion boutique. They can also help label and arrange your move so it can be unpacked as efficiently as it was packed. If you organize your stuff before you pack, it will save you time and money and the stress of having to get organized in your new space. 

Special Cleaning Services -When you are moving into a new space or moving out of an old one, you need to be sure you have a deep cleaning of your spaces. Leaving an old rental in pristine condition can help you ensure you get your security deposit back Leaving a property you owned in immaculate condition will give your buyers a great, fresh start. Whatever home you are leaving, a deep cleaning is needed. And, you will want your new space to be deep cleaned whether it had prior residents or is a new construction. Starting out fresh and clean will make your move more enjoyable. 

Cancellations and Address Changes - Do you have a long list of services to cancel and address changes you need to handle? Would you rather let someone else sit on hold and deal with all of those calls and details? Yep, that sounds pretty nice. 

Movers - Whether you want someone to pack every dish and move it all for you, you want to put all your belongings in a POD and have it shipped, or you want to pack your own UHaul and hit the road, a Moving Coordinator can do all the research and let you know how these services compare both in price and work load and then book your preference. 

Realtor -  Need help finding just the right place to move in to? I've got a line of Agents waiting to talk to you. Let's match you with one who fits your needs.

Storage - Need to store your stuff and wait for closing day? No problem. Let's figure out what your needs are and find the best solution for you and your belongings. 



Estate Sale - Are you downsizing or selling a property for a loved one? Need help estimating value and selling unwanted items? Let me arrange someone who specializes in Estate Sales to help you with that process. 

Donations - Let's arrange for a charity of your choosing to come collect your unwanted items. I can arrange it all for you and you can take a tax write off for your generosity. 

Interior Designing - Need help designing your new space? I've got people for that! From consultations to full house design, let's find you the help you need to make your space just the way you want it. 

Home Staging - If you've moved into a home but still need to sell your old home, let's get it staged so you can sell your property. Staging a home helps buyers envision how they will live in the space. Let me find just the right home stager to fit your style and your budget. 

Shredding - Holding on to old papers because you are afraid of things like identity theft? Let's get you a shredding service to come out to your house and shred all of that paper! Keep what you needs and shred what you don't. You will have less to move and feel better because you have less STUFF to worry about. 

Shipping Large Items - If you need to ship your car or other large items to your new location, let me help you find the best possible solution. I can take a look at which services fit best and which are within your budget. 

There's lots to do, so make sure you get the help you need before the moving process begins. It's best to make your pre-plan 30-60 days before your move to be sure you can arrange for all of the services you need. 

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