It’s not just the future of work that gives us the freedom to take control of our work lives, it’s everything the has led up to this moment. It’s the technology that we depend on and it’s the technology that is coming down the pipeline. It’s also the technology that our children will invent and the ground breaking, mind-blowing advances that will be made by those who have not even been born yet. If we keep gigging, then the next group of Giggers will benefit from what we experience and discover. 

But, it’s right now that I want to grow my career and it’s where we currently are, right at the beginning of the gig economy that will determine where it all goes from here. I read a book that helped explain The Gig Economy in a way that makes sense. It was how she explained the effect Uber had on the entire gig economy and how all the gigs that followed learned from the Uber model and all of the individual people that took advantage of the opportunity to take control of their own work life. A small startup themselves, they led the way to allow countless people to become their own small startups. Whether they were looking to replace an entire salary or for a side hustle that gave them the extra money they need to make ends meet, Uber drivers were given the tools and technology to provide a service that filled a gap in many communities that people didn’t even know needed filling. The way Sarah Kessler explains the way so many others followed the Uber formula and how it has formed what we now know as The Gig Economy. If you want to get a better handle on what it all means as well as how we got here, let Sarah Kessler explain it for you in Gigged

There have always been Freelancers. I have been working as a Freelancer since the day I graduated college. I’ve grown and changed with the technology in my field as it was created and it has been nothing short of fascinating. Those of us who take on this new idea of giving up the idea of traditional work and take the leap into freelance will help define what the future of The Gig Economy will look like.