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Great! I can help with that.

I have created The Entry Level Guide to Basic Virtual Assisting so anyone can begin earning money online with even the most basic computer skills. I am putting it on DEEP discount ($9) for the holiday season to celebrate and encourage this time of year that I hope will be filled with giving and kindness.


This morning we woke up to snow for the first time this season and I was grateful that this could be my office today. I got out my computer and sat in front of the fire and helped a few business owners tick a few things off their to do lists. I was comfy and warm and still productive and I know that there are so many people that could do this type of work as well. So, here is what you need to begin…

So, what is included in The Guide?

Here is what you will learn…

~Are you a good fit for VA work?

~The benefits to becoming a VA

~Several examples of VA work

~How to narrow down the work YOU can do

~Ways to design your ideal work schedule

~How to create your VA Identity

~Write your Mission Statement

~Naming and Branding your Business

~Crafting your elevator speech

~Several networking opportunities to consider

~Choosing tools for your business

~Discovering your niche and ideal client

~Understand your target market

~How to find clients using online resources

~How to handle a Discovery Call 

~How to create a test task

~How to sustain success

and so much more!

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So, pick a comfy spot, grab your laptop and a cup of coffee and let’s get you started!

Get in touch with any questions you have, I’m always happy to chat about why I love this work so much and how you can make it work for you.