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It’s November, and that means the holidays are coming soon. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year mostly because I get to surround myself with family and good food, but also because it’s a holiday when we give thanks instead of gifts. I prefer it that way. 


When I host Thanksgiving at my house, I like to find subtle, and not so subtle, ways to remind everyone what this holiday represents. I try to avoid thinking about the actual historical roots of the day and focus on making it a positive reminder that we are lucky to live this life and we have so much to be thankful for. Don’t get me wrong, I honor the history of it all, I just chose to put my energy into making it about love, togetherness and kindness because it’s a great opportunity to do it. We can have a political discussion anytime, but Thanksgiving is the time to celebrate each other. 

I’m thankful for the internet. 

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I’m thankful for the opportunity to build my career online and be at home for my family when they need me. I’m grateful that I can be home when my kids get on and off the bus and that I can take them to after school activities and never miss a moment of work.

I’m glad I can design my own schedule and decide what time I want to devote to my work while still taking into consideration the needs of my family. I appreciate being able to take a day off when my kids are sick or they want me to chaperone a field trip or volunteer at school. I am lucky that I live in a time when the internet provides so many ways to be creative and earn a living which makes all of that possible.

Thank you internet and technology, for being there when and how I need you and for allowing me a life that I can enjoy. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to live my life and to take care of my family this way. I appreciate you and look forward to many years to come. I hope I can contribute to the online work revolution and add value to this incredible field. 

I promise to always be mindful that my life is full of blessings and never take any of it for granted. I pledge to always see the positive in what technology has provided us, but also show my children how to balance it’s power with the beauty and necessity of being in nature. I will show my kids how to live a life that is very much plugged in to the world, but at the same time enjoy time spent unplugged and with the ones we love.

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I encourage everyone to write a thank you letter to the things or places that make your life better, not just the people, but those letters are nice too.