Hi! It’s Jamie here, Digital Nomad and creator of The Brightest Side. I get asked all the time to explain exactly what I do and what life looks like for a Digital Nomad like myself, so I wanted to take a moment to talk about the buzz around Virtual Assisting and working remotely in general. 

You’ve seen me describe what a Virtual Assistant is on the website, but what about the term Digital Nomad. I wanted to frame this work in a new way to let you know that ‘Virtual Assistant’ is only one of the many opportunities available online. The term Virtual Assistant describes MY actual work, and Digital Nomad is more about how I run my business.

It’s 2018 and the possibilities for creating a career and working online are endless! We are living in a time where the magic of technology allows us to leverage the power and opportunity of the internet and virtually anything is possible with the right amount of ambition and creativity.

So, what is a Digital Nomad?

A Digital Nomad is a person who uses technology to make a living from anywhere in the world. 

The term nomad may give you a picture in your head of a person who wanders from place to place with few personal possessions and no actual address, but I like to use this term for purposes of describing work instead. 

It’s true, many people who work solely online are free to travel and move more frequently than others tied to a desk job or folks who are required to be physically present for various work related tasks. But, I use the term Digital Nomad to describe a person who is free of location when it comes to their career.  I’m talking about a work nomad

So, I may be working from home one day and enjoying one of the coffee shops on my local circuit the next day. Or, I may be up in the mountains living in my camper, but as long as I have a WIFI signal, I can connect to the internet and conduct business as usual. My physical location is not important. THAT is what makes me a Digital Nomad. 

The good news is that the internet has opened up endless possibilities for being able to work online which has changed the dynamic of what working means to so many people. The bad news is that there is a misconception that this means you have to be a tech savvy or social media genius to take advantage of this opportunity. I’m here to tell you that you don’t need advanced knowledge or a specific degree or even know too much about the ins and outs of technology to be able to make a living online.

There are many different kinds of Virtual Assistants and even more types of Digital Nomads. The beautiful thing about this work is that you have the freedom to create whatever kind of business fits your life, doing the work that makes you happy. YOU are in control of the work that you do and YOU decide how to design your schedule. 

It’s becoming less important WHERE you are and more important WHAT you do. 

The biggest restrictor that I have seen is time zone. If you travel, you end up adjusting your schedule to fit the time zone of the people you work with… sometimes. If you are doing client work that is an issue, but if you are completely nomadic in your online tasks, it is possible to be completely free of a clock all together. 

Examples of Digital Nomads who are free from the constraints of a traditional clock would be a Blogger or a Social Media Specialist. Thanks to tools such as Tailwind, or other automated schedulers for posts, you can create all of your content ahead of time and schedule them to appear on social media portals as you determine. When you use automated technology, you free yourself even more. 

It is important to acknowledge that social media has created and perpetuated a fantasy of being able to barely work and earn 6 or 7 figures a year, or even a month, while traveling the world or living the life of your dreams…. and although it is possible, that is not the truth for the majority of Digital Nomads. But, earning a living online is not an unobtainable myth, it is most certainly a reality. It may not be so quick and easy to earn 6 or 7 figures right out of the gate, but it is possible to replace your salary with an online work option.

Anyone with enough ambition and creativity can be a Digital Nomad, or a Virtual Assistant. You really only need basic computer skills and the drive to make it all happen. 

Ready to get started? Great! Download a copy of The Basic Guide to Entry Level Virtual Assisting and begin your journey as a Digital Nomad. 

What types of services will you offer? 

How would being a Digital Nomad change your life for the better?