Welcome to my world! I created it myself and I’ve filled it with happiness and positivity. I live on the BRIGHTEST side!

No, I’m not an overly cheerful sprite bouncing around life with never-ending energy. I’m simply a happy mom who has learned to authentically enjoy my life. Imagine that. Imagine the possibility that YOU can also create your own world to be however you want it to be. Yes, it’s true. Really, you can shift your perspective and begin to love your life. Imagine looking around your world and feeling fulfilled with what you see and satisfied with what you’re doing. I’m here to tell you it’s possible.

We give meaning to our own lives and we can shape our own reality. You just have to love yourself enough to live the life that you really want.

Four years ago, I decided to make lasting, positive change in my life. I was sick of feeling tired, tired of feeling depleted and I was determined to change. Nothing was going to stop me. The moment I wanted it bad enough it all became clear. I started a blog called My Happy Promise which represented an oath to myself to become the best version of ME possible. My goal was to be at peace with my life’s path and someday help others do the same. THE BRIGHTEST SIDE is the next step on that journey and goes beyond making a happy promise to fulfilling the dream of guiding others to become the best version of themselves. Intention setting is a powerful tool, but that is a blog post for another time. 

I hope this new website will inspire YOU to begin thinking about making positive change in your life and I hope the content, products and services that I share here will be your call to action as they were for me.

Where did My Happy Promise begin? I experienced an awakening. I awakened to the possibility that there was a better way. I was not as happy as I could be and I had more power than I had thought to change that. It was time to take control and get better at living well. I wanted to become a master storyteller and design a story that I am proud to tell: MY story. I ached to live the life I truly wanted and the only way to make things better was to take control and take action. I wanted to be a strong, positive woman and I knew I wanted things not to just get better, but to be amazing! I just wasn’t sure how to do it. So, with an open mind, I decided to just get started and trust that the right opportunities would present themselves to me. I had begun to think positive and I was on my way. I’ll be forever grateful to myself for making that decision, in fact, I love myself for it.

In the beginning, I struggled to let go of the personal dogma engrained so deep in my habitually chaotic brain. So, I sat with the questions instead of demanding the answers. I focused on solutions instead of problems. I reevaluated all the varied doctrine I had held tight for so long. The process of trying to empty yourself of programmed mental and emotional responses and open up to new, authentic thought comes from a place of pure self love. Pure self love comes from a realization that you really want to be happy and tend mindfully to yourself. The key to my happiness has been consistently letting go of expectations and outcomes and letting it all unravel one glorious moment at a time. 

Letting things be what they are and not what I’m expecting or hoping for has been a labor of love and worth every effort.

I’m grateful for my journey and I’m hopeful for what is to come. If the time has come for you to start your own journey, it may be comforting to have a roadmap to follow. I have created a 3 step outline of how my own journey has unfolded and I hope these steps will help you begin to define and discover how to navigate your own journey and design your own roadmap. 

I only claim to be an expert on myself, and I encourage you to become an expert on yourself. 

Believe me, it’s worth it. But change takes time, all we have to do is look to nature to understand that. (Another post for another time) So be good to yourself, be patient, and just keep going. Each of us has our own distinct journey. What will you discover on yours? I believe that we can all enjoy living on THE BRIGHTEST SIDE

A Roadmap for your Journey

1. The Awakening

The realization happens that change is necessary. You may experience the beginning of a breakthrough. The signs showing up around you can be anywhere from violent to subtle. You decide to make change. The decision can be to just get started and figuring out exactly what needs attention eventually becomes clear. The most important thing to do in this stage is be open to whatever comes next. You may feel a surge of energy and a strong desire to explore and learn, or you may just begin to feel calm and open. Be mindful and accepting of your feelings. Let the journey be what it is, not what you are expecting it to be. 

2. The Discovery

You begin to pinpoint the areas of your life that need changing. You begin to develop a stronger focus on how to approach them. You begin to explore and learn which vehicle(s) will suit your needs: mindfulness, yoga, piano, music, hiking, art, kindness…. as you begin adjusting to change. Your senses begin to take in and process information in a new way. Colors are bolder, music is sweeter, smells spark vivid memories, you may feel hyper sensitive in every way. Now is a good time to begin to be even more mindful of your thoughts and feelings in an effort to discover how to make positive change. Stay open and unattached to outcomes. The less expectations you place on yourself and your experiences, the easier this process will flow, and although it may not be easy, it will be worth it.

3. Finding Your Calm

It is now time to adopt a new normal, incorporate new habits, and accept imperfection. It’s time to live life happier and keep awakening and rediscovering in each moment. The more kindness and love you show yourself, the more love and kindness you will be able to show your loved ones. And, when you love your life, you can begin to pay it forward in a tidal wave of kindness to those around you. And, there is no finish line, so don’t search for it. Just enjoy your journey on THE BRIGHTEST SIDE! 

Every journey is unique. Appreciate your own, distinct patchwork life.

Find your peace. Enjoy your calm.

And stay in touch for inspiring ways to be positive and make positive, lasting change in your life.

This is only the beginning!