When our friends go on journeys, no matter what kind, it is our pleasure or pain to watch them meander and explore. We support and encourage in every way possible, but it is their journey in the end. Some of us have journeys of passion and others journeys of survival. As friends, we have to support and be strong for our friends no matter what kind of path they have before them. 

My dear friend lost her daughter yesterday to a long and hard fought battle against brain tumors. Hers will be a battle of her own survival now, and she will be carried along as much as possible by her friends and family, but I want to honor the journey she will take on her own. I want to encourage her to have strength and courage as she begins this new part of her path. A mother’s love goes on and on, and so must the love that surrounds her. 

Her daughter was a sweet and kind soldier with a positive mindset and never ending love for those around her. She is a hero and should be remembered for her bravery, the kind that many of us will never know. I honor her memory and her light that she was able to shine on so many of us around her. I will think of my friend and smile, and think of her daughter and feel gratitude for the way she was able to show us what true love and compassion really means. 

Rest in peace sweet Alexa, you will forever be in our hearts.