My mind is a playground and sometimes I just let it play and I don't write things down. It runs and skips and splashes in puddles. It giggles and does cartwheels and flying penny drops. 

Other times my mind paddles a heavy canoe down a long murky lagoon and gets tired. 

Some days my mind lays in the grass basking in the warm sun enjoying the nothingness…

There are times after I have let my mind wander that I wish I had written more things down. I know I had some good thoughts, some that made me pause and consider, grow and ruminate. But, like with any growing pain, it's the ultimate growth and change that matters more than the pain. You don't really remember the pain exactly, only that it happened. 

I have learned to be thankful for the growth, and even the pain. Every romp on the playground, row in the boat and time spent in the nothingness are steps taken in the right direction toward a more positive and happier me. And that, in the end, is what I need. 

All of life happens within your own mind. You have complete control over everything that happens within your mind space. The perspective by which you view the world is completely safe within your beautiful mind. If you only make one effort toward your own personal development and becoming a more positive thinker, make it about your perspective. Throw your effort into shifting your mindset, it is really the only change you have to make. It’s much harder to try changing those around you and so simple to make change within yourself. In this sense, your own mind is the low hanging fruit, so why not make this easy?  

Take time to turn off the noise being made by others and let yourself decide how you feel. Let your mind play and be free of judgement as it runs like a child and just simply enjoys life. Decide how you feel before you ask others or turn on technology and let that noise come rushing in. YOU are in control of your own mind and YOU decide the rules on your playground.

Play nice, play hard, play often. 

It's so easy to be influenced by others, the key to being more positive is learning to stand strong in the worth and value of your own thoughts before you take on those of other people. 

It is a happy talent to know how to play.

-Ralph Waldo Emmerson