While people all around me were marching to show what is in their hearts, I sat mothering my sick child, and my sick self, doing the important work that is often belittled by those who were not marching. I support everyone doing their part to protest, support, shout and make change. I sat surfing social media to hear the words of Michael Moore, Ashley Judd, Gloria Steinham and others who spoke their truth and I couldn’t help but wonder why we are still having to protest this stuff. A young Gloria may have imagined her older self living in a more changed world, but still we march. Yes, the world has changed some, but progress does not always charge forward in a straight line. We are forced to duck and weave along the way, but still we gather our people and fight the good fight. By living the change in our everyday lives, we will hopefully mold the next generation into a strong, but peaceful bunch that will continue to fight for what they know is right. 

Unity in Variety.png

We create change slowly in our own homes and throughout our days. Let your children watch you conduct yourself in a way that shows them exactly how to make positive change. Get up and march with the masses, but don’t forget to stand up in front of the smaller crowds and make your heart and voice heard. Make your life an example and know that you are leaving a legacy of peace and kindness. And all the while remember how much farther we have come than so many other countries in the world. Pause for a moment when you think of such things and be grateful, because so many millions of women around the world have so much less than we do here.   

As for the BRIGHTEST side of all this… let this be an opportunity to take it all in and consider how you really feel, not how others are telling you to feel. Consider the country where we live and all that it does and does not stand for. Find your tribe and be confident in who you present to the world, but don’t section off and ignore how others are experiencing this as well. Whether or not we are on the “same side” or share similar beliefs, I hope this time allows people to pause and consider. It’s about getting to know each other, not getting to hate each other. It’s important to stop and understand why a person may feel the way they feel. Every person has a story, take the time to learn it. 

I see mass unfriending happening on Facebook and I see families at odds over their feelings about our new President. Let each person be who they are and love them unconditionally if you dare ask the same of them. Separating yourself and being surrounded by ONLY like minded people limits your human experience. Ask those other supporters why they feel that way. Read an article from another point of view. Let your Trump supporting, Republican father vent to you about all those liberals and hippies… you may gain a better understanding of him and that’s what this human experience is all about. This is a chance to get to know each other on a deeper level. Don’t worry about agreeing or being right, just be open to accepting some of your loved ones for who they choose to be and accepting them without condition. My Trump supporting, Republican father has always told me that I was given two ears and one mouth for a reason. In this case, that’s pretty good advice. My Dad has some pretty good reasons for his choices, and I have to respect that if I want him to respect mine. 

I see people coming together over a common cause because they believe it will truly make the positive change we wish to see in the world. That is an amazing thing to see. Be grateful that we live in a country where everyone’s voice is allowed to be heard and people feel free and safe to express themselves. As I have said before, I will continue to fight my own fights and enjoy my own successes, but the shining light that I see is how people have found a way to stand up and decide what they believe and share their passion with the world. 

We march with like minded sisters and brothers to share our message. Just for now, let’s focus on enjoying the freedom to do just that. And, if you broaden your perspective and take it all in, you just may gain a better understanding of the situation as a whole. Open your mind and change your perspective and you just may change your world.