Happy New You.png

The colossal anticipation of a new year may be a false promise of a new start, or maybe it's not. It's not the flip of the calendar that creates positive change, it's you. 

The holiday season may fill you with a child-like anticipation of opening up a new gift. Will it be what I wanted? But, before you unwrap your gift, it sits like a beautifully wrapped promise with a big shiny bow and the hope of a dream fulfilled. Maybe you try all year to secure your place on “the nice list” with the hope of enjoying your reward, and then, as the December days go by, the anticipation of opening it is almost too much. You create your own hope, you create your own anticipation.

Soon after, you toast with champagne on new years eve and feel the buzz as you anticipate the countdown to a whole new year filled with promise and new beginnings. But then, you wake up hungover to the same life you left the night before. You realize that you are only one day older and the same old effort is not somehow all of a sudden enough just because the calendar has flipped. OR, you decide that this year things will be different and you commit to making THAT your reality. You commit to living on The Brightest Side.  

I have yet to see a task too simple for people to complicate. I see people putting a lot of energy into making things harder instead of letting them be simple. But, if you simply decide that you want things to be better, or simpler, then they will be. 

I do think this new year is a gift. When you open a gift, if you think whatever is contained in that box is going to change your life, then it might. Change your perspective, change your world. We are the ones who give meaning to our lives, we shape our own reality. This year, take control and get better at making your life good. Become a master Storyteller of your own story. Whatever you do, just do it with positivity and intention, right now.