Is setting a goal really just about the goal?

Or, is it about the process of setting that goal, seeing it through and the sense of accomplishment you feel when you get to where you want to be?  Setting a goal allows you to outline what you want, brainstorm how to get there and put your plan into action, but setting a goal is more about the journey to get there. It’s always about the journey. And the secret to this journey is adding the key ingredient… intention.

Setting a goal and setting an intention are two very different things, but they get grouped together and confused very often. If the goal is to drive from point A to point B, then your intention is how you exist in the car during the trip. A goal is a future event or action, but setting your intention is deciding how you want to exist in each moment until your goal is reached. 

You have the ability and the choice to respond to each moment. We have to make the choice about how to respond over and over each day. Setting an intention of being calm and thoughtful before speaking is one way to constantly remind yourself of that choice. But, it’s up to you to see it through and it’s up to you to give yourself the freedom to adjust your intention if that is what you need. 

Goals are future plans, intention is right here in the moment.

Even if you never reach your goal, your intention still guides your actions moment to moment. Your intention is your relationship with yourself and how you relate to others. Setting an intention can happen once at the start of your day, or it can happen several times throughout the day to help you carry on. 

If you get confused at any time about how to set an intention or the difference between that and a goal, the best thing to remember is that whatever your question may be, about anything in your life... the answer is always kindness and compassion toward yourself and others.  

Before you even begin to set a goal or an intention, be sure that you have a strong base and foundation from which to build everything else on. Setting intentions and defining goals is pretty important to mapping out your strategies in all parts of your life, but what happens when we set goals when our mind is feeling scattered or our energy is not positive? Before even considering how you will conquer anything from a life goal to even just a task on your to do list, you should check in with yourself and take the temperature of your current state of mind. How are you feeling? What is happening that may influence your process or ability to set realistic goals? Do you have authentic intention? Setting the goal is the easy part. Getting a clear mind to set an authentic realistic finish line is the part many of us skip or forget to be mindful of. Consider your state of mind before making any major decisions or future plans.

Your belief in your ability to succeed and thrive has to be authentic BEFORE you set a goal or an intention.

Goals made with feelings of doubt or self-sabotage are doomed to fail before you begin. This may seem pretty obvious, but if we are being brutally honest with ourselves, we already know the outcome before we set the goal. Acknowledging a goal, speaking it out loud or writing it down is often just the catalyst to get the party started. If you can envision yourself succeeding, then the process is easy no matter how hard the road to get there. Expect failure and the road ahead will be as bumpy as you think it will be. You have all the power to control your journey. 

Thinking positive and having an authentic belief in yourself leads to seeing THE BRIGHTEST SIDE of everything. An intention set in a positive mind will succeed because any outcome is a win or a lesson learned and either one means success. Try setting a goal, an intention and considering the result with the Best Intentions Worksheet found in the LIBRARY tab of this site. This worksheet will give you an opportunity to take a closer look at your process and bring focus to the parts that need your attention. Be gentle with yourself. 

THAT is how we roll on