When I was growing up, my father watched the news every night. I remember seeing sad, scary stories about suffering being splashed across the screen. We were witnessing the most horrible moments of people’s lives one after the other. I found it disturbing that this sad news was how people wanted to end their day. Every single night it was a parade of misery across the screen and that made me sad.

As a little girl growing up, I remember wanting to hear something happy and positive instead. I announced to my family that I wanted to be the GOOD news reporter when I grew up. I imagined myself sitting at the news desk in front of the camera reporting people’s finest moments and happiest news. I imagined a news option each night where people were celebrated for their good work and positivity. THAT was what I wanted to do when I grew up. 

We live in an information driven culture where our attention is our currency. We all possess the same amount of attention and we all make choices about where we direct it. The information that you chose to absorb all day shapes your thoughts. The images in front of you effect your reality. Where are you spending your attention currency? How does it affect you? 


I choose to put the most positive and beautiful things possible in front of me and give those my attention. I chose to spend my attention currency on things that are happy, kind and positive. I chose to run out into the rain and dance in it instead of sprint for shelter and hide from it. I choose to pay attention to the good that can come from something rather than the worst case scenario.  

I never watch the news anymore, I can’t stand it.  

But, there was a time in between being that starry eyed little girl with dreams of all things positive and where I am today.  Somewhere in there, there was a stretch of being an over stressed mother of two toddlers and I realized this business of raising little people was not going to be easy. I had veered away from being that authentically positive young girl.  I wanted to get back to seeing the positive side of everything. I did not want to dwell on the exhaustion and overwhelming parts. I was determined to enjoy raising my kids and not surrender to the frustration and sleepless nights. I wanted to be more positive in every way, but it had to be authentic positivity. 

I started to focus on the positive even during what seemed like the most challenging situations. I started to become THE GOOD NEWS REPORTER. I wasn’t in a news room or on camera, but I made sure that I was being mindful of my thoughts and making them as positive as possible. And when it wasn’t possible, I was determined to find the positive anyway. Because even if I wasn’t on camera, I had a very important audience of two little girls. 

Sad news is all around us if we let it be, but it’s up to each of us to focus on the good. Authentic positivity means acknowledging the negative parts of life and then choosing to see the good in it. 

Think of an issue, event or experience. Write it down. Make 3 columns. In the first, write down the positive side of what you have chosen. In the second column, write down the negative parts. In the last column, write down how you can turn that negative into a positive. Better yet, visit the library of this website and use the U-TURN worksheet.

Commit to seeing a positive outcome in all that you do and it will happen. Train your mind to see the best in every situation. If you want to see positive change in your life, then you have to see the change as positive. 

I simply decided to be happy and positive and that's what I became.