Nurture your positive heart with radical kindness and those around you will feel it too. 

What flows through your heart begins in your mind, and because it exists in your mind, you have power over it. You have the power to lighten you thoughts. Lighten to brighten. Unclench your brow and relax your face. Close your eyes and look to the sun. Take a deep breath. Nature is the best medicine. 

Nurture your positive heart. 

Ever get radically upset by someone who disagrees with you? Ever feel completely altered by the acceptance or rejection of your feelings or felt deflated by someone ignoring a feeling you are passionate about? When you realize you have all the control to absorb or release each one of those thoughts, you will be able to let that stuff go. Letting it go is for you, not them. Lighten to brighten, and then you can nurture your positive heart. 

Relax, look up, deep breath. Let it go.  

Lighten your load in every way to brighten your world and enjoy your day. 

Decide to live on The Brightest Side.