It’s taken me a few days to collect my thoughts and let all of this sink in. It’s quite possible that this country is going to change quite drastically, but it’s also possible that it won’t. We just don’t know yet, and it’s the unknown that feels so unsettling. 

Some of my thoughts since I learned about the results of the recent election….

What would John Lennon think?

How will I explain this to my children? 

What would my great grandparents who immigrated here for a better life think? 

And then I took a moment to catch my breath and thought about what has not changed at all...

Let us not forget the beauty of this life. Let us remember and cherish the allure and hypnotic trance of a breathtaking sunset, the delicacy and grace of a flower born from the patience of nature, and the soothing calm of the sun peeking out on a rainy day. Mother nature is not only red or blue, she is all the colors of the rainbow. Take a break and enjoy them. 

Mother Nature crayons.png

Last week, the sky over the mountains was so magnificent in Colorado that I saw people pulling over to take photos and revel in it’s glory. Even here where we get to see this majestic landscape everyday, there are still moments that take our breath away. I hope I never get used to the exquisite sight of an orange and purple sky over the mountains at dusk. Life is good, nature is to be savored and we still design our own happiness one moment at a time.

It could be worse, and for that I am grateful. 

I am confident that the reason my world seems to have changed so much this past week is because I let it. It’s time to get back to basics and remember to see THE BRIGHTEST SIDE of all this. 

A sense of urgency always brings on stress, raises cortisol and produces changes in your body.  But, it’s not the clock that puts these restrictions on you, it’s your thoughts. A few days ago, we were driving north on US36 into Boulder (an undeniably magnificent view of the mountains) when my daughter asked me, “What would happen if they moved the mountains?” I told her “they are not ours to move. They belong to everyone. And anyway, that kind of undertaking would take years, if not decades, and most likely would not serve the common good. So, let’s not worry ourselves with such an unnecessary and monumental task. And really honey, the mountain moves itself in it’s own time, it just happens so slowly that we can’t see it.” 

I feel the same about the state of the nation right now. As much as I wonder how things will progress and what our new normal may become, I know that worrying about it will not stop it. Worrying only creates stress, not change. I did my part for the moment and I will continue to do the work that I do best. I will seek out ways to make change, peacefully fight the good fight and find likeminded people who make me feel like there is hope. I will be a good role model for my daughters and surround them with the beauty of nature and people that value dignity and kindness. I will distance myself and my children from those who revel in the negative tidal wave that seems to have overtaken many of us. I will not worry about moving mountains. I will be sure to do my part, but ultimately, I'll let the mountains move themselves.