I have superpowers 

They include patience, tolerance, compassion and kindness. All of these exist inside me by choice. Every time I am patient, I am choosing to be patient in that moment. It's not a given that I will be able to exercise that power the next time I need to. I will have to choose patience each time that power is needed. Making that choice over and over again is part of living on THE BRIGHTEST SIDE. It takes as much muscle as lifting up a car with your bare hands sometimes. Superman ain't got nothing on me.  

If I can impart these super powers onto my children, then I am doing well as a parent. At times, it’s hard to stay positive and be the role model I need to be for my daughters. The stamina necessary to keep up with the demands of raising kids is enough to challenge any person, or super hero. This business of raising little people sure isn’t easy. But there is opportunity in every moment to choose positivity and kindness. Every parent has the choice of how to respond to the needs of her kids. Each parent is responsible for the quality of time they spend with their children and the kind of lessons they chose to impart when they have the opportunity.

Every parent has super powers, if they chose to use them


Use your powers wisely. Be the parent your child needs you to be. I've allowed my kids to teach me how to be a good mom to them. That's my greatest super power of all. My kids have taught me the humility and modesty to be wrong, flexible and strong. They have their own thoughts, reasons and curiosities. Our job as parents is to learn how to parent the child given to us, not to create the child we want through parenting. We can all do this with the wisdom and positivity that we cultivate over a lifetime of experiences. 


What's your super power?