A Virtual Assistant can help with anything from the most complicated coding to basic inbox management and so many things in between depending on their experience and skill level. The right VA can be integral to your day to day business operations.

A VA can also assist with life's other responsibilities such as finding the perfect gift, sending flowers, catering a meeting, coordinating events, or arranging travel plans.

Whatever is needed, sharing the burden of everyday tasks will lighten the load of a business owner and help keep focus where it is needed most, on growing a business and enjoying more free time.


Hi, I'm Jamie, creator of The Brightest Side

I have worked as a Freelance American Sign Language Interpreter since 1995. My clients have needed me anywhere from the conference room to the emergency room and everywhere in between. But, life changes, and I found myself a lot less able to take freelance work after I had two children. I knew I had to make a shift and I began exploring what online opportunities were available to me so I could build my career online.

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Virtual Assisting provided the perfect opportunity and I began working as a VA by helping clients run their businesses and tackle their ever growing to do lists. Here are a few things I have I learned about the world of Virtual Assisting:

  1. Many business owners need more help with their basic everyday tasks, not the complicated technology involved in running their businesses

  2. Most work experience, as well as life experience, lends itself well to becoming a Virtual Assistant if you have the motivation to get started and find your niche

  3. Everyone can use an extra set of hands once in a while

  4. There are so many people with computer skills and/or work experience that don't realize how much they have to offer, even if they only have minimal skills

  5. Attitude, work ethic and professionalism can go a lot further than an advanced degree or years of training

Let's get started!

Let's get started!

A Virtual Assistant can help make life easier. 

The Brightest Side is a window into what I do and how I do it.