About The Brightest Side

Jamie Drake, Creator 

Jamie Drake, Creator 

Falling in love with yourself is one of the most important journeys in life. 

Before I began this journey, I was an overwhelmed new mom. I wanted a happy, healthy family, but had no idea how to achieve it. I was so busy trying to keep up with everyone else's needs that I forgot about my own.

Ignoring my own needs day after day, year after year, led me to become bitter, frustrated and unable to enjoy my own life. Imagine that. 

And then suddenly, I had a moment of clarity. I realized that my life can be calm, even in moments of chaos. It became clear that I have more power over all of this than I thought and it was up to me to make my life better. With that burst of inspiration, the My Happy Promise blog  was born and I have been writing about my journey ever since.

Through the My Happy Promise blog, I finally realized that it was all about my attitude and perspective.

As I began to blog about my experiences, I started thinking about things differently. When I saw a sink full of dishes or a basket full of laundry, I started to feel grateful for being able to put healthy food on the table for my family which leads to a sink full of dishes. I looked at the dirty clothes and thought about all the activities we used those clothes for and felt grateful for the experiences instead of the dread of doing laundry. Suddenly I had all the time and patience in the world for dirty clothes.

There was so much to be grateful for, I was just looking at it wrong. I started to mindfully shift my perspective. This was not just about seeing the brighter side of things, but seeing the BRIGHTEST side. It was a necessary shift, but it wasn't easy. Thinking positive and refining my emotional process revealed a new world to me. I started to see myself in a brand new light.

Just as a sunflower uses solar tracking, a movement of plants toward the nurturing bright light of the sun, I committed to finding the brightest, most positive aspect of everything. I turned to face the sun as if soaking in its healing energy and I let its warmth nourish me like a sunflower.  

These days, I’m a mom, blogger, Healer, Wellness Director, and overall Seeker who guides others to be at peace with their life's path. I am currently certified in Healing, Reiki and Yoga and I find great purpose in guiding others to uncover their own "brightest side." 

Living on the brightest side

Live your life on the brightest side and feel empowered, calm and happy.  

Some people settle into sadness like a cozy pair of slippers.  Others dig and dig for delight until they are exhausted. The journey to serenity is different for each person and the destination just as distinct. 

When I made an effort to live a life of positivity and gratitude there was less space for negativity and judgement.  I began to practice giving up complaining and criticism. Soon I recognized how easy it was to carry a gentle smile throughout my day and my heart began to feel happier. Acknowledging that life is not perfect and that I could learn from it’s ebb and flow has revealed so many opportunities for growth and change, and that has made all the difference. 

You CAN be your best self. Your journey has already begun. Making the choice to make positive change means you have already started. I can share with you what worked for me and together we can find what works for you. Let's look on the BRIGHTEST side!